The Effects of a Skylight: JAM Roofing

All energy costs generally come down to electricity, and lighting your home is a large part of the average homeowner or business owner’s energy usage. Savvy residents and businesses have begun to take full advantage of the daylight hours to save money, and even benefit psychologically, by installing skylights in their respective homes and commercial spaces.

There are multiple types of skylights, including passive and tubular models. Passive skylights allow light to pass through and flood the interior of a space, and are often sealed without ventilation. Installing these types of skylights are generally well-known and relatively low-cost, given their lack of mechanization and widespread use. Go with a more straightforward, traditional design to save even more. Tubular skylights on the other hand can easily cause light to shine in a specific direction within a space, rather than flooding what’s below the window itself.

These fancier skylight window models involve everything from navigation systems to mirrors that can direct light, but depending on the purpose behind the initial installment, excess costs can be worth the investment over time. In fact, some can follow the sun much like a sunflower does naturally, harnessing sunlight as it moves through the sky and directing it toward those inside a residence or business. Many business owners decide to go with active skylight options and take advantage of natural sunlight in order to create a two-fold improvement in the workplace. This manifests in cost savings as well as improved moods and well-beings of employees.

In fact, multiple studies agree that natural light can improve the effects of depression and increase energy levels overall. Being exposed to sunlight also often leads to employees taking less sick days over the course of the year. Exposing employees and residents to a little vitamin D can be beneficial in numerous ways. JAM Roofing provides expert roofing solutions, including repairs and installation for numerous housing options. Ask one of our technicians about daylighting your space, and allow us to help you find your perfect roofing solution, from the design process all the way through installation day.

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