Regardless as to whether you’ve owned your home for a long time or you’re about to close on your first one, you likely know there are things around the house that need regular maintenance.

For example, you probably understand the importance of performing seasonal maintenance on your pool, your hot tub and your HVAC system.

You may even know that you should be inspecting your roof in the spring and the fall, and that you need to pay close attention to your gutters and the state of your shingles.

What most people don’t’ realize, however, is that proper roof ventilation is crucial in getting the longest possible life out of your roofing system.

Below are the top three reasons you should be giving this some thought.

Hot attics damage shingles

Anyone who has ever stepped into their attic during the heat of summer knows full well how uncomfortable the space can be. Attics can be hot, they can be humid, and they’re miserable to spend time in during July and August.

The problem with a significantly overheated attic is that it can cause damage to your shingles. When the heat from inside teams up with the heat from the sun, well let’s just say it can wreak its fair share of havoc on your roofing system.

A properly ventilated attic will help allow for airflow, and that airflow can help prevent this type of damage from occurring.

It’s also worth noting that a properly ventilated attic can prevent your roofing system from deteriorating faster than it should.

Icicles are nice to look at, but they can do a ton of damage to your roof

In the previous paragraphs, we addressed how heat from your attic can do harm to your roof during the summer- and the same holds true during the winter.

When the heat in your attic mixes with snow that’s on your roof, it will cause the snow to melt. But, the cool, winter temperatures often re-freeze that water once it reaches the edge of your roof. This is how icicles are formed.

If you’re experiencing icicle buildup on your gutters, well, this can also cause its fair share of problems, especially since properly maintained gutters are crucial in getting the most longevity out of your roof.

Roofing experts in Aurora, CO

At Jam Roofing we have years of experience in helping Aurora, CO homeowners maintain their roofing systems.  We also understand that it may be difficult for homeowners to determine whether their roofs have the proper ventilation.

When you call our office, we’ll take as much time as needed to answer any questions you might have about roof ventilation. And, if you’d like to schedule a time for one of our roofing experts to come to your home to perform an inspection, we’ll be happy to help schedule a time that works with your schedule.

For more information on our company, the types of services we provide or to schedule an estimate, contact Jam Roofing today at 303-364-1773.

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