Settling On A Roof: Things to Consider

With a wide variety of roofing materials and expectations to consider, choosing the right roofing solution for your home or business can be easier said than done. From metal rooftops to brave strong storms to asphalt shingles that complement the exterior color scheme of your home, the variety of options often overwhelms those looking into a new or improved roof. At JAM Roofing, our team is experienced in design, repairs, and installation when it comes to commercial and residential spaces.

The most important part of choosing the right roof is to define expectations around your roofing vision long before beginning to shop for the perfect roofing solution. Some homeowners are looking for sturdy solutions, while others want a specific look. Then, some may want to limit noise while others want to allow or limit certain levels of sunlight. Some want a roof that will last and require the least amount of maintenance possible, while enduring through multiple snowy seasons.

As far as materials, a variety of shingle types are beneficial in Colorado. Asphalt shingles are often popular and tend to go with the general aesthetic of local neighborhoods, while ceramic shingles are durable enough to withstand winter weather (and offer a unique look). Metal roofs work well in the face of stormy weather and hail, which is prevalent as summer turns to fall in our semi-arid climate, and commercial roofing solutions also vary based on preference and location.

When it comes to cost, JAM Roofing wants your wallet to be as happy as your eyes when your roofing project is all said and done. We offer the nation’s best brands and high-quality shingle products at a competitive price, all thanks to our continued focus on our customers and local service. We take pride in the quality of our services rather than our profit margins at JAM Roofing, and you won’t be disappointed in the final product.

JAM Roofing has established a positive reputation in quality and customer service in our community, and our widespread knowledge of roofing materials, best practices, and local weather patterns makes us the perfect business to partner with when seeking your best roofing solutions. Let us stay by your side as you settle on the right roof and partner with you throughout the installation process. We’re committed to making sure our installations are of the highest quality and last over the years. We offer repairs and scheduled maintenance long after installation day. Call us to schedule a consultation or repair appointment.

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