It’s officially the winter season for roofers in aurora colorado, and we’re ready to help you get ahead of your home’s maintenance schedule by offering maintenance appointments, inspections, and even installations (weather permitting) to homeowner looking to save time and money in the offseason. Without heavy snowfall, fall and early winter provide an often perfect and unnoticeable window of opportunity for roof work. And, if you haven’t been keeping up with your roof’s maintenance schedule, an appointment could save you money this winter on heating bills if any leaks or insulation problems arise during inspection. If you’d rather rest assured your roof is in perfect working order when the winter snow finally shows up, now’s the time to call Jam Roofing.

To contradict a well-ingrained belief about roofing conditions, there are days that the heat is worse for our team than the cold and snowy days of winter. Heat often exhausts roofers in the summertime, and snow provides a dryer surface than a rainy summer afternoon. We’ll be sure to keep the lines of communication and plan around and in time with weather patterns this season; it’s not our first time around the block, after all. The only conditions a roofer absolutely must avoid is intense wind, which adds an extra layer of danger to our work, and strong gusts often make it inefficient or even impossible to get roofing work done. These are situations where our team at Jam Roofing shows compassion to our customers in rescheduling services to continue working around your schedule and busy life. According to NOAA, a warmer winter may lie ahead of us in Colorado, making it a great year to catch up on rooftop repair and maintenance or start planning a big summer project like a roof installation or replacement. Plus, removing old, broken, or cracked shingles can go even faster in colder temperatures, since the singles themselves will be more rigid and easy to handle, but anything involving adhesive materials would suffer and should be handled at a warmer time of year.

Call Jam Roofing with your wintertime roofing needs today.

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