You’ve probably heard us say (at least once or twice) that your roofing system is among the most expensive assets of your home. 

And, just like your car, it needs to be maintained in order to ensure it keeps working the way it should (aka, it keeps the outside, outside) and that it lasts as long as possible (no one wants to re-roof their home sooner than they should have to.)

Spring is coming

Winter isn’t over yet- but it will be soon. Your home may have survived the Denver, CO cold season but just because the snow is gone, that’s not to say its effects haven’t impacted your roof.

When you call Jam Roofing we can help you survey the damage that the winter weather patterns may have caused. We offer free, no-cost estimates and we’re open five days a week, Monday through Friday, between 7am and 5pm. Call our office now at 303-364-1773 to learn more.

Check your gutters

One of the first things you should look at is your gutters. If they’re dirty, or if they’re filled with debris, this can shorten the life of your roof. 

(We recommend cleaning and checking your gutters at least once, if not twice per year.)  Once they’re cleaned, you may want to think about trimming large, nearby branches and nearby tree overhangs that may be contributing to debris build-up. If, during this process, you’ve found rusted or loose sections, you’ll want to look into Denver, CO gutter repair or replacement.

Check your shingles

If you have shingles on the top of our home, you’ll want to see if any of them have been damaged. Are they curling? Have you found a few loose ones? If so, you’ll want to contact Jam Roofing right away at 303-364-1773. 

One of our highly-trained roofing experts can help you repair shingle damage. (And, if we stumble across any nails that need to be hammered back down, we’ll take care of that, too.)

Inspect for flashing damage

If you’re not quite sure what flashing is, we can help. In layman’s terms, flashing provides seams and seals around windows, skylights and in places where two slopes of the roof meet together.

If the flashing is rusted, or if you notice the calk around it is starting to look worn (or cracked), Jam Roofing can help. If flashing damage is left unchecked, it could cause leaking (which in turn, could lead to water damage and/or mold problems within the interior of your home.)

Spring roof inspections in Denver, CO

Whether you plan to inspect your roof yourself, or you’re looking to hire a pro, Jam Roofing can help. If you plan to do it yourself and you have additional questions about the types of things you should look for, call our office now at 303-364-1773.

If you’d prefer to have us inspect your roof for you, we can assist with that, too. Call Jam Roofing today to learn why we’re the top-rated roofing maintenance company in Denver.

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